The Company

MAXSOFT was incepted in 2004 focussing on to simulation products and services.

Launched various global CAE software & hardware products in the Indian market as their exclusive partners and have made them successful in the aerospace, automotive , defense, industries and educational markets for the applications – Mathematical Modelling, system simulation, hardware in the loop simulation, test & measurements, HMI, Vehicle Diagnostics, Structural & Flow simulation, Thermal simulation, Electromagnetic simulation, Power system simulation, Electronic Warfare Simulation, Smart Structures, Business Process simulation, Manufacturing optimization, Supply Chain Management,..etc.

Having more than 900 customers in India, which include almost all the leading automotive, aerospace , defense, educational and other industries. Please see the client page

Currently associated with these companies as their sole partners in India

Simulation Services

We also offer simulation services in these areas using the software tools AnyLogic, AnyLogistix & KULI

  • Business Processes
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Traffic
  • Hospital
  • Mining
  • Automotive thermal and energy management
  • Hybrid/ Electrical



To offer ultimate simulation solutions through utmost expertise and experience


Simulation through Excellence


MAXSOFT has a bunch of seasoned professionals, can listen to you carefully and offer appropriate solutions to your problems.