During the concept phase engineers must consider different engines, gearboxes, heat exchangers, fans, carry-over parts, batteries etc. as well as control elements and actuators.

A general issue for state of the art vehicle developments is the dimensioning of the cooling system to guarantee the required performance and emission levels. The Engineering Center in St. Valentin has developed the KULI simulation software to generate and optimize the thermal management system meeting all requirements on component-, system- and vehicle level. KULI assists on specifying and validating OEM requirements right from the start such as legal compliance, standards and regulations.

KULI is an engineering tool which supports engineers from the first ideas for a concept up to start of production. Since KULI is supporting various interfaces, it can be easily linked to any other simulation tool within the virtual vehicle development process chain.

KULI is widely used for the following simulation tasks:

  • Engine power upgrade
  • Inlet area decreasing (styling changes)
  • More components / auxiliaries
  • New powertrain technologies
  • Legislative standards
  • HVAC comfort and performance

Initial cooling system layout

Coupled 1D-3D simulation

Cooling system fine tuning

Railroad cooling system

Cabin cool down

EV range prediction