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AnyLogic is the only simulation tool that supports all the most common simulation methodologies in place today: System Dynamics, Process-centric (AKA Discrete Event), and Agent Based modeling. The unique flexibility of the modeling language enables the user to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of business, economic and social systems to any desired level of detail. AnyLogic’s graphical interface, tools, and library objects allow you to quickly model diverse areas such as manufacturing and logistics, business processes, human resources, consumer and patient behavior. The object-oriented model design paradigm supported by AnyLogic provides for modular, hierarchical, and incremental construction of large models. AnyLogic is a simulation software for the entire business lifecycle.


Develop more models with one tool

  • Develop agent-based, system dynamics, discrete-event, continuous and dynamic system models, in any combination, with one, in any combination, with one tool.
  • AnyLogic supports the seamless integration of discrete and continuous simulations.
  • The native Java environment supports limitless extensibility including custom Java code, external libraries, and external data sources.
  • An extensive statistical distribution function set provides an excellent platform for simulating the uncertainty inherent in all systems.
  • A powerful experimental framework, built-in support for Monte Carlo simulations and advanced forms of optimization support a wide variety of simulation approaches.

Improve the Visual Impact of your Models

  • AnyLogic's simple yet sophisticated animation functions allow the development of visually rich, interactive simulation environments .
  • You can create rich user interface for your model that would allow model users to easily configure experiments and change input data on the fly.

Simulation for the entire Business Life Cycle

AnyLogic is the market leader in simulation and modeling technology due to its flexibility and distinctive multimethod modeling capabilities. From supply chain and logistics to manufacturing and market analysis, all business areas are utilizing AnyLogic simulation software for better decision making throughout the entire business lifecycle. Using one tool for all business challenges enables organizations to save time and money, increase knowledge sharing, and link models across multiple departments.
Want to make sense of Big Data? AnyLogic is the only professional sofWant to make sense of Big Data? AnyLogic is the only professional software featuring agent-based simulation, the most efficient and accurate way to analyze and take advantage of an organization’s Big Data.

Why AnyLogic Simulation Software

Reduce Development Cost and Time

  • AnyLogic's visual development environment significantly speeds up the development process.
  • The included object libraries provide the ability to quickly incorporate pre-built simulation elements.
  • Reusability through fully object oriented structure.
  • A visual integrated development environment makes it easy to convert from other widely used IDEs to AnyLogic.
  • Pre-built object libraries show how the experts did it! Those objects can be easily reused .

Run Models Anywhere

  • The native Java environment provides multi-platform support. Both the AnyLogic IDE and models work on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • You don’t need a runtime license — with one click you can generate a Java application that allows users to run a model anywhere.
  • An AnyLogic model is completely separable from the development environment and can be exported as a standalone Java application.

MultiMethod Modeling capabilities

There are three major methods used to build dynamic business simulation models today: system dynamics, discrete event modeling, and agent based modeling. AnyLogic includes all of their abilities in one tool. It provides you with flexibility to choose the method or the combination that best suits your project, and you are never limited by capabilities of a particular simulation approach. This results in an easier and faster model building in comparison to other simulation software

Industry leaders choose AnyLogic for ease of model building, a visual model development environment, flexibility, and 3D animation. Building a model in AnyLogic is fast and easy due to drag-n-drop capabilities with multiple application-specific libraries, Java environment for limitless extensibility of model functionality and the possibility to create agent-based, discrete event, system dynamics or hybrid models in one software. 3D animation ensures effective communication of the project results and a better understanding of their details.

Application Areas

Flexibility of AnyLogic allows its use in various industries, including:

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